Birth Injury Lawsuits

Some cases of birth injury occur because of complications during pregnancy, a mother’s illness or a pre-existing medical condition.

But in other cases, preventable birth injuries may result from the use of improper delivery methods or negligence on the part of the doctors, staff or hospital where the baby was born.

The benefits of a birth injury lawyer

The difficulties of caring for a child who has suffered a birth injury can make the prospect of filing a lawsuit seem daunting. An experienced birth injury attorney can ease you through the process of gathering the necessary medical information to file a lawsuit and receive the compensation that will help you care for your child.

The specifics of what is required to file a birth injury lawsuit vary, depending on the condition from which your child suffers. In the case of a cerebral palsy lawsuit, it may be necessary to gather information to prove malpractice on the part of doctors or medical staff during the delivery process.

If doctors or staff use too much force in delivering a baby or fail to recognize that the body has become lodged in the womb, Erb’s palsy symptoms may appear because of a brachial plexus injury to the child.

Negligence may lead to birth injury

Other birth injuries, such as the improper use of forceps, broken bones or other potentially life-threatening complications, may occur because of negligence or the improper delivery of a child. A lawyer will gather the necessary medical records and other information essential in proving medical malpractice during a birth injury lawsuit.

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