Erb's Palsy

This type of birth injury stems from paralysis of the brachial plexus and is often confused with Klumpke’s palsy. The difference is that Klumpke’s palsy is an injury in the lower plexus.

Birth Injury Baby

Trauma to the newborn

Trauma occurs during the delivery process when the infant’s shoulders are stuck behind the mother’s cervix. This may result in severe nerve damage of the newborn’s arm and shoulder.

The damage is done when the obstetrician applies a lot of force to dislodge the baby’s shoulders.

A baby may have some or all of these Erb’s palsy symptoms: facial paralysis on the damaged side, limited ability to move, paralysis of arms and hands, loss of muscle control and the need for help in sitting upright.

Tools such as forceps or vacuums are often used to help deliver babies, but they may actually increase the risk of injury. Before delivery, a trained medical staff should recognize the risks involved and the factors that may lead to shoulder dystocia.

The value of an Erb’s palsy attorney

Some infants recover after a few months depending on their circumstances. If the child does not recover, he or she may require an operation. Even corrective surgery may take months or years before positive results are visible. Many parents in this situation turn to an Erb’s palsy lawyer for legal guidance.

The hospital and the medical staff are obliged to provide a safe and proper diagnosis and delivery. Medical negligence and malpractice can be the cause of these birth injuries.

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